About Us

At Tangible Fitness & Tanning Center, we are here to help you achieve the skin tone that you want, to help you get fit, stay healthy, and we are here to help you see a change in yourself.

We can make all of these possible with our first-rate fitness center and tanning services that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

With two separate and convenient locations: Tangible Fitness Center situated at Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ and Tangible Tanning Facility situated at Bethany Home Road Phoenix, AZ, Tangible Fitness & Tanning Center seeks to become your sole partner in your journey towards a better you.

Start now. Get results. Call us at 602-274-4664 for more information or inquiries.


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  • TANGIBLE FITNESS 1500 E Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ
    Weekdays: 4:30am - 11pm
    Weekends: 7am - 9pm
  • TANGIBLE TANNING 1515 E Bethany Home Road, Phoenix, AZ
    Weekdays: 7am - 10pm
    Weekends: 8am - 8pm
Phone : 602-274-4664 | Email : info@TangibleTanFit.com

Tangible Fitness and Tanning was established in 2000 and offers tanning at 2 locations. Each location has something special to help you feel andn look your best. Tangible Fitness offers Red and Blue light therapy with Infared to treat several different skin conditions. Also offering Massage and B12 shots! Certified and experienced trainers available at an affordable price to get you in shape.

Tangible Tanning offers massage, including hot stone, and introducing ENDERMOLOGIE to help contour and reduce the apperance of cellulite.

More services will be introduced as Tangible grows and all of our client's needs are met, making it your one-stop-shop for fitness and health.